About us

MESHQUE, the first of its kind, is a homegrown Azerbaijani gym apparel start up sourced and produced locally. MESHQUE brings western quality with an Azerbaijani soul. MESHQUE is chartering into a territory of uncertainty by being the first home-grown gym apparel brand. However, this is exciting. To be a pioneer, to build a culture within and outside of the organization, to embark on a journey for a better and healthier Azerbaijan, this is what MESHQUE stands for.

If MESHQUE were a person, it would be bold, courageous and ready to act and make changes in its life, not scared to fail. MESHQUE as a person wants to support each and everyone in their beginnings, guide them, help them, inspire and motivate them. MESHQUE is a leader that does not command nor demand, it stands alongside everyone working with them to achieve their goals.

MESHQUE – it is not just a sportswear, it is a lifestyle.